Write Away Docs Services

Write Away Docs is committed to customer satisfaction with personalized and efficient service. Every service is done with YOUR NEEDS in mind.


                    Resume revamp

Resume Revamp | starting at $35

Does your resume have good bones? Does it need a refresher but not a complete do over? This package includes:

  • Basic reformatting

  • Editing verbs 

  • Catering resume to specific field 


                   Resume Redo

Resume Redo | Starting at $50

Is your resume completely outdated? Does it need more than simple edits? The resume redo includes:

  • Complete reformatting 

  • Adding important sections

  • Including power verbs 

  • Catering resume to specific field

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Starting at $4 per page

Service includes:

  • Correcting grammatical errors 

  • Correcting errors in usage

  • Suggesting additions/deletions to paper

College Campus

                  Academic Services

For the Scholar

These services are designed to help you maintain your studies without pulling out your hair. Types of academic services include:

  1. Editing/Proofreading Essays 

  2. Writing Tutoring 

  3. Research Assistance 

**These services can be bundled or separated.